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  1. No. As visa requirements are constantly changing, we are not able to provide visa advice. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct visa to study in Australia. You may find the... Date Updated: 10/11/2016
  2. Griffith University provides individual English language support for enrolled International students and students from non-English-speaking-backgrounds. EnglishHelp will improve your assignment... Date Updated: 16/11/2017
  3. Yes. EnglishHELP support is offered in all three trimesters. Date Updated: 01/11/2016
  4. You need to meet all the conditions and submit all the documents that are listed on your letter of offer, along with a financial guarantee letter from your sponsor. You can find more information on... Date Updated: 17/06/2016
  5. You can book an appointment online to see an International Student Advisor (ISA) .* The ISA appointment offers you a 30 minute session to discuss personal support, advice and information about issues... Date Updated: 24/04/2017
  6. To meet the requirements of your student visa: If you commence in Trimester 1 Trimester 1 and 2 will be compulsory and you must undertake a full time study load of 40 credit points in each trimester... Date Updated: 12/04/2017
  7. To ensure you meet your student visa requirements: If you commence in Trimester 1 Trimester 1 and 2 will be compulsory and you must undertake a full time study load of 40 credit points. * Study in... Date Updated: 13/03/2017
  8. If you have completed less than six months of study in your principal program: You will need to make an appointment with an International Student Advisor to find out if you are eligible to transfer... Date Updated: 14/11/2017
  9. You should speak to a GELI team member at one of the GELI Student Centres. GELI Student Centres are located at: G52_4.38 Gold Coast campus M14_5.32 Mt Gravatt campus N56_1.44 Nathan campus Date Updated: 07/10/2016
  10. If you are a self-funded student Your Allianz Global Assistance policy number is your Griffith University ID (without the s) followed by GU. For example: 1234567GU . If you are a sponsored student... Date Updated: 12/03/2017
  11. If you are successful with your application for a scholarship , Griffith International will provide you with information on how to accept or reject your scholarship offer. Date Updated: 11/08/2016
  12. As visa requirements are constantly changing, Griffith University is not able to provide you with visa advice. You should contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for assistance. Date Updated: 12/04/2017
  13. A 'Financial Guarantee Letter' is an official declaration from your sponsor, on their letterhead, that they will sponsor you for study at Griffith University. The financial guarantee letter must... Date Updated: 23/06/2016
  14. You can order your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) card online at OSHC Allianz Global Assistance *: Click on 'Students' in the pull-down menu Select 'Order a membership card' from the list... Date Updated: 13/01/2017
  15. You will need to submit a number of documents with your application. Document requirements vary from program to program. You can find individual program requirements in the Degree and career finder... Date Updated: 16/11/2017
  16. If you do not want the University to arrange your health cover, you may do so independently. If you to choose to arrange your own OSHC, you need to: 1. Complete an OSHC Request Form 2. Submit the... Date Updated: 16/01/2017
  17. Yes. As an international student there is a non-refundable AUD$50 application fee that is payable via credit card when you submit your online application . Date Updated: 14/11/2017
  18. International Student Advisors offer personal support, advice and information. If you have any problems or concerns and you’re not sure who you should talk to, simply make an appointment with one of... Date Updated: 12/04/2017
  19. Representatives from OSHC Allianz Global Assistance are available on campus to answer your questions about Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Go to OSHC on-campus support for information on... Date Updated: 16/01/2017
  20. Yes. Griffith has a test centre at our Mt Gravatt campus. For further information, please visit Griffith English Language Institute - IELTS testing . Date Updated: 16/06/2016